medical Nutrition & weight loss

We help optimise your wellbeing to enhance long-term health

Our dedicated Accredited Practising Dietitians are experts in medical nutrition therapy. We will equip you with the nutrition knowledge, diet plans and support you need to improve your health outcomes and get the most out of life.

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Approximately 95% of weight loss diets fail. This is because most diets are unsustainable and do not suit your lifestyle. Take the guesswork out of your weight loss journey and team up with one of our Dietitians. We will give you the tools required to achieve sustainable weight loss results.

At Accelerate Nutrition we can help you manage your diabetes and reduce the risk of long term complications. Our Dietitians will provide you with a personalised nutrition recommendations and the practical tools you need to control your diabetes.

Whether you are pre-diabetic or have type-1 or type-2 diabetes, we can help you.

The right nutrition foundations in childhood are the building blocks to good health in adulthood. 

At Accelerate Nutrition, we help you take the stress out of your child’s diet and optimise healthy growth and development. 

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common and often preventable or reversed. However many still suffer from the effects of nutrient deficiencies. Our Dietitians can support you with a personalised nutrition plan that addresses these deficiencies and provide expert advice on nutrient supplementation.

With the right nutrition plan in place, we can optimise your plant-based diet to ensure it’s nutritionally complete. We help you achieve your required protein and micronutrient intake to enhance your health and performance. 

Good nutrition in the later stages of life is essential for maintaining strength, function and a healthy body weight. Nutrition requirements can change with age, meaning you might need to focus on eating specific foods to meet your changing needs. Our Dietitians will assess your own specific nutrition requirements and recommend food choices so your body gets exactly what it needs for optimal health in older age. 

Everyone can benefit from eating a healthy, balanced diet. Even if you don’t have any specific health conditions, our Dietitians can assess your current diet and make targeted food recommendations. This ensures you are consuming the right balance and variety of foods for preventing health complications and promoting good health now and into the future.

Your skin is an active tissue that is heavily influenced by what you put into your body. Nutrition is an often forgotten tool in the fight for clear, hydrated and radiant skin. It is also commonly misutilised in the quest to improve the complexion. Many fad diets, detoxes and cleanses that claim to aid in skincare have no basis in scientific evidence and can have damaging effects on your health. Our Dietitians can help you make evidence based changes to your diet to support skincare.


Comprehensive Assessment

We will complete a thorough assessment of your dietary intake with consideration of your individual medical history, medications, blood tests, training routine and lifestyle.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Together we will create a personalised eating plan with targeted recommendations that align with your specific nutrition and health goals. 

Education and Practical Resources

To ensure that you achieve your goals, we will educate and provide you with practical written and electronic resources that you need to implement lasting dietary changes.

Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

We understand that making lifestyle changes is an ongoing process. We will review your progress and provide you with the motivation and support required to accomplish your goals. 

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified professionals that have undertaken four to five years training from an accredited dietetics course. They complete continuous professional education to ensure they stay up to date with nutrition research. APDs offer credible and trustworthy information and are experts in the area of nutrition and food science. 

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