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Our accredited sports dietitians can help you with sports health and nutrition. Whether you are a budding sports person embarking on a fitness journey. Or an elite athlete wanting to take advantage of eating the best possible diet for your goals.

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Melbourne’s expert sports dietitians and sports nutritionists

Let us take your sports performance to the next level:

  • Strength and power athletes
  • Endurance athletes
  • Aesthetic sport athletes
  • Combat athletes
  • Recovery from training and injuries
  • Junior and developing athletes
  • Nutrition supplement guidance

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Sports Nutrition Services Available For Athletes

Strength and power

Strength and power athletes wanting to maximise their performance need a nutrition plan. With the right nutrition plan, you can make a big difference in your performance. We can help you to:

-Fuel correctly for training and competition
-Make effective body
-Enhance strength and power output.


The right nutrition is critical for endurance athletes wanting sporting success. Our running nutritionists can help you with:

-Fuelling plans for races and training
-Nutrient periodisation
-Make effective body
-Enhance strength and power output.
-Supplement advice
-Body composition manipulations and
-Hydration/electrolyte plans.


We can help you with weight cuts, post-weigh in fuelling, and rehydration strategies. You will have access to the best nutrition for training and competition. Our sports dietitians can devise a tailored plan to help you perform at your best. You will also be able to make weight effectively and safely.

Aesthetic Sports

Nutrition is key to the success of aesthetic sports athletes. Our team of sports dietitians and sports nutritionists can help you. We can assist you to understand how your diet impacts your physique. We can also adjust your diet to make long-term changes.

Recovery from training sessions

Nutrition is crucial for recovery from training. We will give you sports nutrition strategies for your needs and activity type.

Nutrition supplement guidance

Nutrition supplements can play an important role in body composition and sports nutrition. Our team will help you determine which supplements you need and how you should take them.

Junior and developing athletes

Nutrition is critical in the development of junior athletes. Our sports dietitians will ensure your diet optimises health and performance. Teaching athletes to fuel their bodies for sports makes significant differences in performance.

Injury recovery

Nutrition is critical for the optimal recovery of any sports injury. Our sports nutritionists can help with your diet to optimise recovery from injury.

Have A Question About How our Sports Dietitians can support you?

The dietitians at Accelerate Nutrition are all Accredited Practising Dietitians.

Here are some of the questions we are often asked. Everyone has unique needs, so please contact us with your questions.

Do only elite athletes need to see a sports nutritionist?

Absolutely not. Anyone who is looking to improve their athletic performance can benefit from working with a sports dietitian. They can help someone wanting to be their best when playing recreational sports. Or they can help with someone who is training for the Olympics. Sports nutritionists (and sports dietitians) have extra qualifications and expertise in sports nutrition.

Dietitian vs nutritionist – what is the difference?

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified professionals that have undertaken four to five years of training from an accredited dietetics course. They complete continuous professional education to ensure they stay up to date with nutrition research. APDs offer credible and trustworthy information and are experts in the area of nutrition and food science.  A nutritionist, on the other hand, does not always have a tertiary qualification and may not be regulated by a professional association.

Are sports nutritionists covered by health insurance?

Sports dietitians are covered by most private health insurers. That means that you may be eligible for benefits depending on your insurer and your level of coverage. It is best to contact your health insurance company to find out what is covered by your policy.

How our Accredited Practising Dietitians help you

At Accelerate Nutrition we provide a thorough and inclusive service to our clients. Here is what is included:


Comprehensive assessment

We will complete a detailed assessment of your dietary intake. We consider your individual health history, personal circumstances, and goals.


Tailored nutrition plans

We will work with you to ensure we create a personalised eating plan that has recommendations aligned with your goals.


Education and practical resources

We work closely with you. We provide you with education and practical resources to support you with putting your plan in place.


Ongoing support and follow-up

We understand that making changes to your lifestyle requires time. We will regularly review your progress and provide you with support to achieve success.