sports & performance nutrition

Let us take your performance to the next level

Our team provides personalised consultations for those looking to optimise their physical and athletic performance. From weekend warriors and developing athletes to elites, we utilise the latest evidence-based sports nutrition strategies and tactics to help you reach your goals.



Strength and power athletes looking to maximise their performance require tailored nutrition guidance. Paired with the right training program, nutrition can make a big difference in an athlete’s performance and health. We can help you fuel correctly for training and competition, make effective body composition changes and enhance strength and power output.

The right nutrition strategy is critical for endurance athletes aiming for success in their chosen sport/s. We can help you with fuelling plans for races and training, nutrient periodisation, supplement advice, body composition manipulations and hydration/electrolyte plans.


Nutrition is key in the success of aesthetic sport athletes. Our team can help you understand how your diet directly impacts your physique and manipulate it to make long-term changes.

Take the guesswork out of weight cuts, post-weigh in fuelling and rehydration strategies and nutrition for training and competition. Our Dietitians can devise a tailored nutrition plan to help you perform at your best while making weight effectively and safely.

Nutrition is critical in the optimal recovery of sports injuries. Our Dietitians can help you adjust your diet so that it is optimised for recovery from injury.

Nutrition is critical in the development of junior athletes. Our Dietitians will make sure that the athlete is consuming a diet that optimises their health and performance. Teaching athletes to fuel their bodies correctly for sport and life can make significant differences to their wellbeing and athletic output.


Comprehensive Assessment

We will complete a thorough assessment of your dietary intake with consideration of your individual training routine, blood test results, current body composition, fitness level and lifestyle.

Tailored Nutrition Plans

Together we will create a personalised eating plan with targeted recommendations that align with your specific sports and performance goals. We can also develop game/race day plans to enhance your performance during competitions or events.

Education and Practical Resources

To ensure that you achieve your goals, we will educate and provide you with practical written and electronic resources that you need to implement lasting dietary changes.

Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

We understand that making lifestyle changes is an ongoing process. We will review your progress and provide you with the motivation and support required to accomplish your goals. 

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified professionals that have undertaken four to five years training from an accredited dietetics course. They complete continuous professional education to ensure they stay up to date with nutrition research. APDs offer credible and trustworthy information and are experts in the area of nutrition and food science. 

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