Food Intolerances & GUT HEALTH

We help you overcome your digestive and gut issues so you can learn to love food again

Our Dietitians have specialist knowledge and further training in gut disorders and digestive issues. If you suffer from painful or uncomfortable bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation or excessive wind, our Dietitians will troubleshoot your problems and provide you with step-by-step direction on elimination diets or diet strategies.


If you suffer from IBS-type symptoms (bloating, excessive wind, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation or alternating between the two), we will conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide clear direction on appropriate elimination diets to determine your food triggers. Our Dietitians are experienced and qualified educators of the Low FODMAP Diet, which has been shown to be very effective in managing IBS symptoms. Our Dietitians may also recommend other dietary approaches to managing IBS-symptoms, such as providing advice on fibre, probiotics, meal patterns/timing, gut irritants or lifestyle-factors. 

At Accelerate Nutrition, we can help you to navigate your lactose intolerance and determine your lactose tolerance threshold. We will educate you on low lactose foods that are required for your needs and level of tolerance. Our Dietitians will provide targeted recommendations to ensure your low lactose diet is nutritionally complete with adequate calcium intake.


The cause of chronic constipation can be multi-factorial including inadequate fibre, fluid, physical activity, impaired motility or pelvic floor issues. Constipation can be painful and lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating or abdominal pain. At Accelerate Nutrition, our Dietitians will troubleshoot your bowel issues and provide advice on dietary and lifestyle modifications to promote regular laxation and normal bowel movements. 

Having a new diagnosis of Coeliac Disease can be overwhelming and requires the ongoing support of a specialist Dietitian. At Accelerate Nutrition we will provide the education and practical resources you need to follow a lifelong gluten-free diet that is nutritionally adequate. This includes advice on food label reading, meal and snack ideas, cross contamination, eating out and preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux (or ‘GORD’) can cause symptoms such as heartburn, burping, regurgitation or feeling like food is stuck in your throat. Our Dietitians can help provide dietary strategies for managing reflux, such as meal size/timing, food triggers and lifestyle changes. 

Our gut flora (or ‘gut microbiome’) is a collection of bacteria and microbes in the gut that work in harmony with our bodies to support immunity, metabolism, body weight, brain function and mood. Research shows that having a diversity of bacteria in our gut is beneficial, and the food we eat directly impacts the diversity of our gut microbiome. Our Dietitians can assess your diet and make practical suggestions to optimise your gut health, and provide advice on prebiotics, probiotics and fibre supplements. 


Comprehensive Assessment

We will complete a thorough assessment of your dietary intake with consideration of your individual medical history, medications, blood tests, gastrointestinal symptoms and lifestyle.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Together we will create a personalised eating plan with targeted recommendations that align with your specific nutrition and health goals. 

Education and Practical Resources

To ensure that you achieve your goals, we will educate and provide you with practical written and electronic resources that you need to implement lasting dietary changes.

Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

We understand that making lifestyle changes is an ongoing process. We will review your progress and provide you with the motivation and support required to accomplish your goals. 

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified professionals that have undertaken four to five years training from an accredited dietetics course. They complete continuous professional education to ensure they stay up to date with nutrition research. APDs offer credible and trustworthy information and are experts in the area of nutrition and food science. 

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