It’s important to nail healthy purchasing at the supermarket, to help set yourself up for a week of nutritious meals and good eating habits. Here are our tips for quick and healthy supermarket shopping:

  1. Have a game plan
    Plan out healthy meals and snacks for the week and make a shopping list. This will involve some forward planning and time beforehand, but you’ll save time by not aimlessly wandering the aisles, and also save money by not purchasing items you don’t need or already have at home.
  2. Don’t go in hungry
    Research has shown that hungry shoppers purchase more high-calorie products. Have a snack before you go, or plan your shopping trip after a meal.
  3. Start by filling your trolley with wholefoods. Prioritise fruit and veggies (fresh or frozen), lean meat, chicken and tinned/fresh fish, eggs, legumes (canned or dried) and dairy foods (milk/alternatives, no added sugar yoghurt, cheese) and nuts. Other notable mentions include wholegrain breakfast cereals, oats, wholegrain crackers and bread, pulse pasta, and herbs/spices.
  4. Be wary of persuasive junk food marketing.
    Treat foods in moderation have their place in a healthy, balanced diet, however, be conscious of the number of discretionary food items in your trolley. These foods are often discounted, which can add to the temptation, so ask yourself a few questions first: Do I really want this food? Is there another treat food I would rather eat more mindfully? Have I loaded up on wholefoods first (see point 3)?

    Happy shopping!

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